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Internet Providers Are Ruining Warcraft For Me

So I’m a WOW addict. There are about 10 million of us right now, so I’m not alone. And, like many other avid fans of World of Warcraft, I could wait to start playing Warlords of Draenor. With my WoW PVP Guide in hand I went to work!

Unfortunately for me, my ISP felt differently.

Apparently, as soon as I the expansion was released, that’s when good old Comcast decided to show me what they are really like.

For years, they had been a good Internet provider. I always had speed tests above 25 Mbps and my ping was always really low. I would NEVER lose connection. All through the Mists of Pandaria expansion, I never had a probably, but the Mists sucked, and I stopped playing.

And now that I’m back in WOW, and loving the Draenor expansion, I seem to lose connection at least once per night. I just got my frost mage pvp guide and I can't kick ass with it! My Internet speed tests show my connection speeds have dropped below 20 Mbps (which is not considered broadband anymore!) and my ping has shot through the roof.

For PVE, that is no probably, but it just makes my horrible in PVP. The screen will even freeze up for a second or two in critical fights. You can’t afford such delays in arenas or PVP battlegrounds.

So Comcast is ruining my Warcraft experience.

What else could it be?

Lots of my Warcraft guild-mates have helped me with troubleshooting my high speed Internet connection, but they haven’t found anything wrong.

And it’s not just happening when I’m in the game. My Internet is slower now. It only really bothers me in game, but that’s the main thing I do on the Internet! Comcast is killing me.

So I looked by other high speed Internet providers by zip code and I don’t really have much choice. It’s either Comcast or AT&T DSL, which is way worse. I used to have AT&T when I first moved out here. It’s OK for day to day Internet stuff, but it reeks for playing in the big MMOs.

I was loading up service from using AT&T for my Internet connection and the lag in the large-scale PVP battlefield was unplayable, especially in the central keep.

It was the same story with SWTOR. AT&T just wasn’t “high-speed” Internet. I had to switch.

Comcast Internet was way better, and more expensive. Everything was better and it stayed that way for the first two years. But not that I’m in full-blown Draenor-expansion fever . . . crap!

It’s a good thing that the FCC didn’t bone us on net neutrality in favor of the high speed Internet providers and their duopoly. Seriously, we need MORE choice for broadband in America. If they hadn’t passed the new rules for net neutrality, I bet all Warcraft traffic would not be in the “fast lane” unless we paid more for it. And the “freemium” games? Forget about it. Slow lane.

So, is anyone else experiencing problems with their Internet providers since the new Warcraft expansion came out? If so, send me an email or tweet.

My in-game character name is Aulorious on the Horde side of Blood Furnace (PVP server).